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“I Like it” Chuy Varela- KCSM 91.1


"Shakin' It Like a Blue Funk Monkey is really a great sounding CD and the compositions are fabulous" - Chris Cortez, KCSM 91.1

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- “this weekly jam session… writhes -- with the fresh blood of locals Justin Hellman on bass and Khalil Doak-Anthony on guitar, among many unsigned others“ Daniel King- SF Chronicle

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Justin is a highly skilled and expressive bassist who understands the subtleties of music.  His dedication to his art is evident in every note" - Michael Manring, Bass Player

-------------------------------------------------------------------------"Justin Hellman's newest release, Shakin' It Like a Blue Funk Monkey, is a good recording of excellent musicians playing well-composed, original jazz.  It's funky, it's bluesy, it's soulful, and Hellman's upright playing sounds fantastic" - Silas Durocher,

--------------------------------------------------------------------------"Justin Hellman is an inspiration on bass.  He's a tasteful musician who knows his behemoth of an instrument doesn't have to be loud or busy in order to have presence."  Stephen Smith - Purgatory is a Cat

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Justin Hellman adds a solid heartbeat on bass" - Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

------------------------------------------------------------------------ "The skillful play from bassist Justin Hellman is the glue that holds the combo together" - Edward Blanco, All About Jazz 

------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Excellent bass is provided courtesy of Justin Hellman, with a mix of walking baselines and some inspired solos" - Adam Greenberg's All Music

------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Teach Yourself to Live Elsewhere is the first song... this primarily features the keyboards but there is a nice bass solo byHellman on the song" Bruce VonStiers, BVS Reviews 

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "They cover standards like Freedom Jazz Dance (Which features bassist Justin Hellman's break-out solo, the high point of their version" - Bill Donaldson, Cadence Magazine